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Background Screening in Winston-Salem

Pre-employment Background Screening Helps Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

ARCpoint Labs of Winston-Salem encourages every employer to run a background check on potential job hires. A good employee is a company’s greatest asset. Make sure you are hiring wisely. Regardless of your industry, you have information or people that must be kept safe, secure and protected. You need someone you trust when it comes to situations like:

  • Working with children, adults or the elderly
  • Handling money and financial information and assets (especially credit information)
  • Working with confidential data (account numbers, social security numbers)
  • Using passwords and codes (protecting you AND your client’s information)
  • Working with expensive technology, supplies and equipment

Although the past does not equal the future, forewarned is forearmed. A background screen can provide insights into a person’s past and be an indicator of potential issues in the future. It can also be a great way to get to know your potential employees better by providing an opportunity to discuss sensitive situations and see how they respond.

Types of Information Available in Background Checks

Every item requested in a background check should be carefully tailored to insure it is necessary for the position in question. Over-reaching can put you in jeopardy of claims of discrimination. That said, the following types of information can be screened in a pre-employment background check:

  • Criminal Record
  • Credit Report (including bankruptcies)
  • Driving Record
  • Past Employment References
  • Education, Certifications & Licenses
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Records
  • Military Records
  • Physical Capacity Assessments

Again, you should tailor your checks very closely to the nature of the job. Don’t ask for information that isn’t directly relevant to the job the person is applying for. Don’t use “bad” information as an automatic weeding out factor. You may weed out the best possible candidate. If and otherwise favorable candidate gets a “negative hit,” use it as a way to go deeper with that employee and see how they deal with the information when presented to them.

Learn More About Our Testing Services

If you need to run a background check, contact ARCpoint Labs of Winston-Salem today. Our technology allows us to run a quick, efficient background check. Due diligence in the hiring process can go a long way to reduce the risk of hiring.

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