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Mobile & On-site Testing in Winston-Salem

Onsite and Mobile Testing for Drugs and Alcohol

There are a variety of business and organizational applications for drug and alcohol testing. In nearly every scenario, convenience, accuracy and reliability of results, and overall productivity are increased when testing is performed on site rather than transporting testing subjects to an off site laboratory facility. Whatever the situation and however big or small the demand, ARCpoint Labs of Winston-Salem can bring its state of the art, accurate, reliable testing to you or the persons being tested.

Greater Convenience, Productivity and Testing Reliability

Following are examples of situations in which ARCpoint of Winston-Salem can bring the services to your business or organization. In nearly every circumstance the benefits include convenience for you and/or the people being tested; less time away from work and greater productivity for employment situations; and less opportunity for tampering and attempts to defraud the test.

  • Pre-employment drug testing for one or several applicants
  • Post-accident testing at your office or facility or at an off site location
  • Random testing of an entire pool at your office or facility
  • Reasonable suspicion testing of one or more employees on demand
  • As a courtesy for guests at events and locations where alcohol is served to prevent driving related incidents afterwards

Testing When and Where You Need It – 24/7 Onsite Services

Business is no longer confined to Monday through Friday, 8 to 5. If your business operates outside of traditional hours and in various geographic locations, you need testing services that are available at a moment’s notice. ARCpoint Labs of Winston-Salem is your partner in providing mobile and onsite testing services when and where your organization or your employees have a need.  We work at the speed of business.

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Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.

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